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What Healing Properties are in Your Regenerative Treatments?

Regenerative treatments have become a popular solution that can help you lead a more fulfilling, active lifestyle. There are many common conditions and symptoms shared by people over 40 from back issues to slower recovery following injuries that can be treated using regeneration therapy.

Regenerative medicine contains healing properties that can target many of these symptoms. Here we review the healing properties found in regenerative medicine and what they can do to help treat common issues for those over 40.

What are Regenerative Treatments?

Regenerative treatments combat the effects of aging and injury using specialized cells derived from umbilical allografts. This is a safe process that uses tissue from donated umbilical cords without causing harm or posing a risk to the mother or baby. The Wharton’s Jelly found in umbilical cords contains vibrant, young regenerative cells and other growth factors that provide a boost to your natural healing process including:

What are Regenerative Treatments St Petersburg Fl
  • Cytokines
  • Collagens
  • Proteins
  • Peptides

Together these components help regenerate tissue ravaged by age or damaged due to stress or injury. While your body has its own stem cells to aid in renewing and repairing cells, once you are in your 40’s they become less effective. Using regeneration therapy, you have access to the younger, more vital stem cells found in umbilical cords boosting your natural ability to heal more effectively.

What Healing Properties Contribute to Regenerative Treatments?

Each healing property plays a vital role in your regeneration treatment, including:
  • Cytokines: Cytokines send alerts to cells involved in the healing process when they are needed. They communicate amongst other cells to trigger your immune responses allowing your cells to reach the site where you have experiences injury, have inflammation, infection, or some form of trauma. By adding cytokines to your body, you can help your body’s natural healing process kick into action.
  • Growth Factors: Growth factors help regulate cellular function. A protein, they interact with cells and assist in controlling tissue repair.
  • Collagen: Collagen is found throughout your body, including your skin, bones, cartilage, and tendons. It is a tough fibrous protein, making up one-third of the proteins in your body. Collagen plays a key role in supporting the structure of body parts, as it is needed to hold your cells together. Collagen provides the strength and elasticity in your skin as well as your connective tissue, making it a much-needed component to help keep you flexible.
  • Proteins: Other than collagen, your body has other types of proteins, each with their own functions. This includes antibodies to combat illness and bacteria, messenger proteins used to signal processes including healing, growth hormones to assist with structure and cell support, and transport/storage proteins that help carry different components such as atoms and molecules through your body.
  • Peptides: Peptides are often confused with proteins, but actually have their own function. These strings of amino acids are believed to assist with everything from slowing aging, to reducing inflammation.

Regenerative medicine helps deliver these vital properties directly to areas in need of treatment to speed up your natural healing process. You can receive injections to repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissue to help relieve pain. This non-invasive treatment is an excellent natural alternative to surgery and medication.

If you would like more information about regeneration therapy, contact our team today.
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