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What Are Stem Cells Used For?

What are Stem Cells Used For? St. Petersburg, FLMaybe you’ve heard about stem cell therapy its potential to promote healing in the human body. Stem cell therapy involves injecting undifferentiated cells into degenerated, damaged, or injured joints to regenerate, restore and repair injured or damaged tissues. Our highly trained board-certified physicians practice regenerative medicine at our St. Petersburg, Florida healthcare clinic.

Regenerative medicine treatment is a good option if you are interested in all-natural pain relief while avoiding pain medication that can sometimes lead to adverse effects. This unique treatment may help you regrow tissue and heal ligaments and tendons.

There’s some confusion about what is considered stem cell therapy and what’s not. The term typically refers to treatments utilizing stem cells harvested from your body. It can also use stem cells donated from your close family members. Our doctors do not offer stem cell therapy. What we do offer is regenerative cell therapy in the form of treatments containing Wharton’s Jelly-derived Mesenchymal stem cells that are equally effective.

One area that contains stem cells that many people aren’t aware of is in your body’s adipose tissue. Very often, cells are harvested from your fat for use in stem cell therapy, but there’s a drawback to this procedure. Your fat contains toxins, which increase your chances of developing an adverse reaction to the treatment.

Stem cells may also be taken from your bone marrow. This involves a painful procedure of drilling a hole into your pelvis or femur and using a large needle to extract the required cells. Stem cell therapy runs the risk of opening you up to infection. Your cells age along with you. Depending on your age and the state of your health, using your own cells may not be as effective as using healthy, potent mesenchymal stem cells.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy St. Petersburg, FL

Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Wharton’s Jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cell injections use younger cells and have not aged. This regenerative cellular tissue is donated Wharton’s Jelly obtained during scheduled cesarean sections by consenting mothers who are pre-screened for infectious diseases and other factors. No harm comes to either the mother or child during the harvesting process.

When these mesenchymal cells and growth factors are reintroduced into the body in areas in need of healing, your body responds by stimulating internal healing mechanisms. Regenerative treatments are suitable for treating musculoskeletal conditions involving cartilage, tendon, muscles, nerves, and soft tissue injuries.

Our pain management doctors individualize our treatments to target affected tissues like tendons, cartilage, and ligaments, to repair the underlying issues causing your pain.

If you are considering stem cell therapy, it’s essential to explore your available options. Differentiating between the different types of stem cell therapies will help you to make the right decision as to which treatment is right for you. Would you like to learn more about the regenerative all-natural pain relief treatments in our St Petersburg Florida Regenerative Medicine Center? Start by contacting us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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