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Success Stories

Stem Cell Injection Success Story

Before my stemcell injection, my pain was at a 10! After working a shift at my bartending job, I could not even lift my leg to get up into my jeep. Since the injection on Dec 17, 2018, I have no pain and 100% increased movement and motion. “I could be a Rockette again!!!”

Knee Pain Success Story
  • After sustaining a knee injury and going through the therapy Dr Staubs suggested for me I couldn't be more grateful. Within weeks my knee made significant improvement and now I am back to 100%! While I was there I wanted to talk about a weightloss program they offer...read more

    The program is VitaminMed and unlike other programs that restrict so many foods or put you on diet pills, VitaminMed is what I would call a nutrition program. Right at the start you are eating everything healthy! Proteins, lots of vegetables & fruits. You are definitely not hungry as you eat 6 times a day and as you progress through the program you will also find the cravings you had for the not so healthy stuff kind of disappear!! You will definitely lose weight if you follow the plan. I wanted to find something that not only would I lose weight but I also wanted to feel good and VitaminMed has done that! I would recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight & feel great!
Stem Cell Injection Success Story

Douglas Reed
Knee Pain treated with Treatments containing Stem Cell

Regenerative Medicine Success Story

Relieved her knee pain through Regenerative Medicine.

Stem Cell Injection Success Story
  • My name is Ricky. I’ve had the Stem Cell Treatment and it’s done miraculous wonders for me....read more

    It’s been eight weeks now and I haven’t had pain since. I can do things now that I had lost the ability to do. I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone as an alternative to surgery.
Patient Weight Loss Success Story

I have lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks. Thank you Dr. Colby and Lexi for all your help.

Knee Pain Success Story
  • Within 2 wks of the initial treatment I've been relatively pain free....read more

    No longer wearing my knee brace after having to wear it long term. Very pleased with the results. I have a better quality of life since my treatments. I want to Thank you Dr. Colby and Lexi for all your help. You are life savers.
Doug Reed Success Story
Jackie's Success Story
Missy Success Story

Before my stemcell injection, my pain was at a 10! After working a shift at my bartending job, I could not even lift my leg to get up into my jeep. Since the injection on Dec 17, 2018, I have no pain and 100% increased movement and motion. “I could be a Rockette again!!!”

— Christine L.

"Dr Staubs is a wonderful Chiropractor helping with back pain, neck pain or headaches. Very personable and science focused."

— Louise B. | St. Petersburg, FL

"Great Doctor And Staff Team I Love My Visits They Are Nice People"

- Nikki Q.

"I'm a Snowbird from Ontario, have 2 Chiropractors in my family back home, rarely need their help. I believed I needed a Chiropractor down here ASAP. I had a piercing pain under my left ribs and possibly related left shoulder neck issues. After 3 nights of poor sleep and uncomfortable days, the pain was not diminishing. I noted all the positive reviews and convenient hours at St. Petersburg Chiropractic I & R. Hanna fit me on the same day and Dr. Rob E. accessed me and my issue(S). I had a rib out of location and a couple other spots needing attention, (one session). I'm so please the pain was gone and I'm sleeping and active again. I highly recommend this professional establishment."

- Kim C.

"They have helped me so much! Everyone is professional and friendly. Thank you so much for helping me get better."

- Carrie B.

"I love the staff here! Dr Staubs has made more progress on my neck than any chiropractor ever has. The care plan he put together has been manageable with measured improvement. I highly recommend him to everyone."

- Avery M.

"Every one is so pleasant and truly cares about treating you on your level of comfort.Highly recommended..God Bless you all!!"

- Nikki S.

"Such a great office. The staff is wonderful!"

- Amber W.

"I've been in multiple times for my sciatica and the staff is great, the doctor's are great and they've always been conscious of not causing me further pain."

- Kristen C.

"My wife's lower back locked up mid-vacation in the middle of the night. We were in St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab at 8AM the next morning (because they take walk-ins, thank God). Dr. Robert Epstein was wonderful! The absolute best. They quickly took x-rays just to be sure there were no issues with bones, but then let us know that the issue was just muscular and not a serious chiropractic issue. My wife got an adjustment anyways to set her spine and hips in correct placement and Dr. Epstein got in the floor with her and showed us some simple stretches to relieve the muscle tension causing her problem. I love that they didn't try to create an issue where there wasn't one. These people are the greatest!"

- Daniel C.

"My wife had an episode where she had extreme pain in left thigh, and leg. We searched on Google for nearest chiropractor and found Dr Staub. What fortunate find. He quickly identified her issue as an I T Band and treatments. He even let her come in morning without appt when she had an extreme episode. She is feeling so much better now and ready for long drive home to MN."

- Robert C.

"This is an excellent chiropractor. I highly recommend this place if you are in pain you will be in good hands here!"

- Robert K.

"I was referred to Dr. Staubs by a coworker who had a great experience with him. I have been a patient of Dr. Staubs now for about three weeks. Day one, I could barely walk into Dr. Staubs' office as my lower spine was in a severe condition and I was in immense constant pain. Dr. Staubs listened to my issues and explained what I could expect from treatment. He started gentle treatment right away. I am now almost completely recovered with no pain because of the therapy I received at Dr. Staubs' office. He does not try to make a life patient out of you, he tries to fix you and get you out of the office for good and back to living your life, which is a nice change from the medical industry always trying to keep you sick and returning for treatment because unfortunately that is the world we live in. Hannah (front desk) is also wonderful and is flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments. My insurance pays everything and I have a co-payment of $9. I am happy to recommend Dr. Staubs and his team to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Staubs and team."

- Julia F.

"I had never had any back problems before but could barely walk after it was determined that I had developed a bulging disc in my lower back. The Team at St Petersburg Chiropractic has been amazing! They not only helped to get me back to 100%, but my back is better and stronger than before due to their ongoing preventative treatments twice a month. I don’t want to have that ever happen to my back again, and I trust Dr Colby Staubs to help me make sure that it won’t!"

- Troy G.

"I've been here for a short time probably about 3 weeks. I had experience pain in my lower back, right knee , right shoulder and left groin. It was difficult getting into and out of my car. It was difficult to walk the short distance from my back yard to my back door. Now the pain and discomfort in all areas has reduced from 8-9 to 3-4 and sometimes even 0!! The best part is I don't have to have to think about what would be the best way to get in or out the car to avoid pain. I'm walking around my block which I did but very slowly . Now I walk around my block with much ease! The most remarkable thing is I am now able to walk up a flight of stairs to my bed room. Before I spent 9 months in the bedroom downstairs because climbing the stairs was too painful. Thanks be to God for you."

- Marilyn M.
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