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TMJ Relief

If you are experiencing pain from TMJ you need immediate relief. Our doctors offer many options to get you TMJ relief without medications or surgery. We will offer you a comprehensive treatment plan customized to your needs and get you back to enjoying your life pain free. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Our staff is experience and dedicated to finding the most natural and long lasting pain relief solutions for our patients.

What is TMJ?

What is TMJ?

TMJ or (Temporomandubular joint syndrome) is a condition where pain and discomfort occur in the jaw joint. TMJ is most often present where the lower jaw connects to the skull, located in front of your ear. Many factors can contribute TMJ including:

  • Misalignment of the jaw
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Arthritis
  • Stress
  • Injury to the teeth or jaw

In our practice it is common to see TMJ as a result of a car accident. This can occur for multiple reasons. If you didn’t have a seatbelt on or if a severe impact was sustained, your head may have hit the dashboard or steering wheel causing significant injury to the jaw. Even if direct contact didn’t occur, clinching in anticipation of impact can cause damage to the jaw joint TMJ relief is your goal as well as ours regardless of cause.

TMJ Pain Treatment

Our doctors offer several treatment options to achieve TMJ relief for our patients. Regenerative techniques such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections may be suggested as it is most effective for our patients living with pain. PRP uses the platelets from your blood to help heal and restore injuries.

Regenerative medicine may also be accompanied by chiropractic therapies as added support in keeping our patients from sustaining further injury or pain. Ultrasound therapy may be recommended for TMJ relief. This is used to reduce fluid buildup and inflammation. Chiropractic manipulation is a gentle force applied to the jaw area to help realign the joint providing TMJ relief.

TMJ Symptoms

TMJ Symptoms

TMJ can not only be painful but can also make everyday activities a struggle, yawning, laughing, sleeping, and eating can all be limited due to the pain of TMJ. Symptoms often include

  • Pain in the jaw joint area
  • Locking also known as “lockjaw”
  • Clicking when opening and closing the jaw
  • Headaches from clinching
  • Severe pain around the ear
  • Difficulty or pain while chewing
  • Limited mobility in the jaw
  • Tenderness in the jaw

TMJ symptoms and pain will not likely improve on their own. Call our doctors at St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and Rehab today so we can get a comprehensive treatment plan designed for you. Our experience therapy options will get you the TMJ relief you are searching for with out medications or surgery.

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