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Scoliosis Relief

While scoliosis is most common in adolescence, degenerative disorders such as osteoporosis can cause it in older people as well. As the condition progresses, so do the health consequences associated with it. The good news is that our doctors offer extensive knowledge and procedures to offer scoliosis relief. Call our office today and let us help you discover a treatment plan thats right for you that doesn’t require surgery or medication.

What is Scoliosis?

What is Scoliosis?

We have all heard of scoliosis but its not always clear what it is exactly. The spine is naturally shaped in what is known as an “S” curve. People with scoliosis have a side to side curvature that resembles a “C”.

When scoliosis is first discovered, it may be a small bend caused by a simple misalignment of a single vertebrae. If left untreated, over time the body will build up musculature that will continue to curve that spine in order to ensure the head stays level. An abnormal curvature that measures over 10 degrees is considered to be scoliosis and between 20-40 degrees referred to as a moderate form of the condition.

Scoliosis Treatment

With the right course of regenerative medicine and chiropractic care, scoliosis pain relief is possible. PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections which use platelets in your own blood at a concentrated level to promote healing may be recommended. Stem cell therapy which uses young cells from umbilical cord tissue to restore damaged tissue faster may be another option that works best for the type of scoliosis relief you are needing.

Our doctors may also suggest the use of chiropractic care be used in conjunction with regenerative medicine to offer an even more effective treatment plan for long lasting relief. If chiropractic care is a course of action thats right for you, our doctor uses a two phase system for scoliosis relief.

  • Phase 1: Postural Correction, alleviates pain and discomfort using gentle electrical currents targeting the nerves in the back, increasing the flow of endorphins.
  • Phase 2: chiropractic adjustment (manual spinal manipulation) help restore symmetry in the spinal column.

Follow up treatments as maintenance with our therapists to preform corrective exercises may be recommended as well for a comprehensive scoliosis relief plan.

Scoliosis Causes and Symptoms

Scoliosis SymptomsScoliosis is a conditioned referred to due to an abnormal curvature in the spine and can cause extreme neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. The cause often unknown, these cases are labeled as idiopathic, however, there are several other types of scoliosis that do have known causes and symptoms.

  • Paralytic Curvature - Due to a spinal cord injury, nerve receptors in the spine are blocked causing disfunction in stabilization.
  • Congenital Curvature - Identified at birth and can be treated by chiropractic care in infancy.
  • Myopathic Curvature - The spinal muscles do not work properly and are most often caused by cerebral palsy, polio, and muscular dystrophy

St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and rehab offers a safe and non invasive approach to scoliosis relief. Call us today and find out how our doctors can devise a customized treatment plan for you to get you back on your feet pain free.

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