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Lower Back Pain

Severe lower back pain cannot help but take over every aspect of your life. This kind of discomfort strikes right at your "core," or center of gravity, afflicting the part of the spine most heavily burdened with your body weight. When your lower back can't move properly, neither can you, forcing you to miss work, stop playing your favorite sport, and struggle with the simplest tasks. Fortunately, our chiropractors at Suncoast Integrative Healthcare can help by providing non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical lower back pain relief.

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Why Your Lower Back Hurts

Why Your Lower Back Hurts

The lower back is an impressive structure, including the thickest, most massive part of the articulated spinal column and some major muscle groups. These structures can support your entire body from the waist up, even as you turn or bend your trunk.

But when these big structures encounter problems, the resulting pain can be equally big -- and it doesn't take much to create such problems. It's little wonder, then, that low back pain interferes with the lives of 31 million individuals in this country alone. In such problems as sciatica, low back pain even may be joined by leg pain and other discomforts.

What did you do to cause this pain? You may have simply gotten older. Age-related degenerative spinal conditions such as bulging discs can reduce your spinal height, which inflames and strains the joint that articulate the vertebrae. Bony overgrowth can cause spinal stenosis, which pinches nerve tissue in the lower back. Obesity and pregnancy tend to encourage lower back pain. Unrecognized alignment problems in your spinal column may have created chronic strain in your back muscles.

It's also possible to trigger back pain through lifting injuries, falls, auto accident injuries, and other mishaps that herniated discs and dislocate vertebrae.

Non-Surgical Aid From Our Chiropractor in St. Petersburg

Non-Surgical Aid From Our Chiropractor in St Petersburg

Our chiropractor in St. Petersburg, Dr. Staubs, can relieve many kinds of back pain safely and non-invasively. Chiropractic adjustments can reposition errant joints and vertebrae, easing your pain and stiffness.

Spinal decompression can relieve nerve pressure that causes low back pain and leg pain. Massage therapy and ultrasound can reduce inflammation and pain in your back muscles while helping you recover from injuries. Our St. Petersburg chiropractor can even advise you on best practices to keep your back healthy in the future.

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