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Fibromyalgia Relief

Are you tired of waking up each day and wondering if today is going to be a good day or a bad day because of your fibromyalgia? Are symptom medications just masking the symptoms without actually offering fibromyalgia relief? Our doctors are using the most advanced in regenerative medicine to assist you in returning to a life without the pain associated with fibromyalgia. Call us today and we can get you a customized treatment plan started.

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment

Stem Cell therapy is a wonderful option for fibromyalgia relief. Because stem cells therapy uses young, new cells harvested from umbilical cord tissue, they have great healing properties. Stem cells have the unique ability to transform into whatever the type of cell the body needs the most, allowing for fast and effective healing.

When the body is plagued with the pain of fibromyalgia it sends signals asking for pain relief. Stem cells answer by relieving inflamed muscles as well as heal organs and glands affected by the condition. This is our most recommended treatment for fibromyalgia relief, however chiropractic care may be suggested in addition to stem cell therapy.

Manual adjustments help decompress the nerves and improve spinal function. Strengthening exercises and massage therapy may be used to reduce pain and offer improved mood and function as well.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia SymptomsSo what is fibromyalgia? Quite simply put, its a disease that affects the bones and muscles. Doctors don’t know what causes the disease yet, however, there is some evidence that it is caused because the brain receives pain signals improperly resulting in amplification of sensation. Genetics may play a role as well. Women seem to develop fibromyalgia more often than men and people who are less active or suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive test to diagnose fibromyalgia, instead, doctors may use extensive testing to rule out other conditions and based on the nature of the symptoms, form a diagnosis. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms are debilitating to say the least.

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia develop chronic pain and fatigue and may find that their ability to preform at work or enjoy every day activities are greatly impacted. Because fibromyalgia causes tenderness to the body, patients may experience problems sleeping or concentrating.

If you are searching for effective fibromyalgia relief without symptom masking drugs, search no further. Our doctors at St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and Rehab are dedicated to finding natural pain relief for our patients. We want to help you achieve better physical function and relieve your symptoms of chronic pain. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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