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Physical Rehabilitation

Sometimes, an injury or illness results in a long-term disability that requires an ongoing care program to help return the individual to sufficient function for everyday life.

Whatever your condition, chronic or acute, our physical rehabilitation can help
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Physical rehabilitation is a focused effort to identify problems with movement and function to overcome any disabilities. Our chiropractor provides an individualized plan of exercise suited to your needs.

Understanding Physical Rehabilitation

Understanding Physical Rehabilitation

The concept of “rehabilitation” involves identifying physical disabilities that create obstacles to the enjoyment of normal living and attempts to find effective ways to minimize limitations.

Therapy may involve exercises that promote strength and better function, helping with the use of assistive devices or effective prosthetics management. When these issues are properly addressed, it can make a significant difference in patient's ability to manage everyday activities, as well as their quality of life.

Elements of Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation may consist of a wide range of therapies to help individuals function in normal life. It may include education about the condition, exercises, modifications to the patient’s environment, support, counseling, and providing and training in assistive devices.

When carefully applied, these measures can reduce dysfunction, slow the progress of disabling conditions, compensate for lost function, and maintain current function levels. Physical rehabilitation is often needed after auto accidents or personal injury incidents to help restore function after serious injuries.

Chiropractic Options for Rehabilitative Care

Chiropractic Options for Rehabilitative Care

Chiropractic treatment can offer several benefits for individuals in need of rehabilitative services. It can help with spinal dysfunction, pain management, strengthening of extremities, improving flexibility, restoring balance, and improving movement.

Your St Petersburg chiropractor can offer several specialized techniques that can be beneficial when recovering from an accident, illness, or injury. After a careful evaluation of your rehabilitation needs, the doctor will design a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs, with goals to help improve mobility, function, and comfort levels.

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Dr. Colby Staubs has extensive knowledge of spinal functions to ensure that patients in St Petersburg and surrounding areas receive the highest quality treatment for their health problems. He and his trained staff take pride in providing individualized rehab plans and a scientific approach, with each patient’s unique needs in mind.

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