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Knee On Trac

If you’ve got sharp knee pain, knee pain when bending, or chronic joint aches, you‘ve probably been told surgery is your best hope. The truth is you haven’t exhausted all your options. You should first explore a new device called Knee On Trac. It offers new hope – even immediate results – for thousands of people suffering from arthritis in the knees, bone-on-bone knee pain, and other knee pain symptoms. It is all-natural and completely non-invasive treatment done right in the office.

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What Is Knee On Trac And How Can It Help With Knee Pain?

Knee On Trac offers an innovative type of knee decompression therapy. The chair-like device was developed for chiropractors just four years ago. It isolates and tractions the knee joint in short sessions. Even a single session can offer dramatic results.

This new joint pain treatment helps treat most causes of knee pain, including sprained or strained ligaments, tendonitis, cartilage tears, and osteoarthritis. It helps reduce inflammation and re-hydrates the joints. Range of motion and function show significant improvement very quickly. Several sessions can help you delay or avoid knee replacement surgery.

Knee on Trac St. Petersburg, FLFor people who have been told they need a knee replacement, Knee On Trac opens new treatment possibilities for many conditions:

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Sports or work injuries
  • Torn meniscus
  • Chronic muscle strain

What if you’ve already had knee surgery, and it has failed to relieve your chronic knee pain? This treatment has helped restore movement and relieve knee pain when bending, standing, and walking.

Non-surgical, Non-pharmaceutical, Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Relief Therapy St. Petersburg, FLAging, injuries, and repeated stress are common causes of knee pain. This new type of sore knees therapy addresses the source of the pain instead of temporarily masking its symptoms with medication. In fact, it was developed by a chiropractor whose own father died from the side effects of pain drugs.

Gentle, effective, and affordable, Knee On Trac sessions can also help you avoid surgery, which typically results in prolonged recovery time, discomfort, infection risk, and uncertain outcomes. It provides all-natural pain relief in the comfort of your chiropractor’s office.

This knee pain relief device can be used in conjunction with other types of treatments for sore knees. These include platelet-rich plasma (PRP), physical therapy, ultrasound deep heat therapy, and others.

Don’t let your chronic knee pain limit your life out of fear of surgery and medication. Knee on Trac offers noninvasive, comfortable therapy close to home. Call us for a consultation to see if it’s the right knee pain treatment for you.

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