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How Can Natural Pain Treatments Help a Sports Injury?

Sports, whether professional or recreational, can result in injuries. It’s almost inevitable. Soft tissue injuries like muscle strain, overuse injuries and twisting can sideline you – even if you’ve stretched and warmed up. Fortunately, natural pain treatments for sports injuries offer effective results naturally.

Regenerative Medicine for Pain St. Petersburg, FLIf you are trying to avoid surgery and medications, you can find effective sports injury relief in chiropractic treatment and regenerative medicine. Alone or in combination they can help relieve pain and inflammation of many sports injuries, including:

  • Shoulder injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Runner’s knee
  • Sprains and strains

The advantages? Little to no downtime, almost no risk of infection or rejection, no surgery and no drugs.

Regenerative Medicine for Pain

Regenerative treatment is effective for sports-related injuries because it amplifies the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our doctors prefer to use two effective types of regenerative medicine: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and mesenchymal regenerative cells. Each has unique applications. They can be used as stand-alone treatments, together, or with chiropractic care.

PRP is a natural pain relief therapy that harnesses your body’s ability to heal sports injuries. This includes torn muscles, tendon injuries like tennis elbow, and ligament sprains. PRP treatments can be done up to three times a year and results will depend on how serious your injury is.

Your doctor will extract platelets from a small blood sample to create a powerful concentrate. It is mixed with plasma and injecting directly into the injury site. The growth factors and healing agents present in the platelets target missing or injured tissue. This regenerative treatment reduces inflammation, and most patients see pain relief quickly. Platelet-rich plasma has been successfully used to heal soft tissue and joint injuries without surgery or pain medications.

Regenerative Medicine For Pain Relief St. Petersburg, FLRegenerative medicine for sports injuries combines stem cells, proteins and growth factors from healthy, young tissue. It is not the same thing as stem cells, which come from the patient or a close relative and may contain environmental toxins.

The mesenchymal cells we prefer to use are derived from donated umbilical cord tissue. Vital and plentiful, they are injected in the injured area and attach themselves to the patient’s damaged tissue. Along with growth factors, they work to regenerate, repair and rebuild the injury site.

This type of regenerative treatment can also slow down the effects of aging, making you less susceptible to injury in the future.

Chiropractic care is at the heart of what we do, and it yields excellent results for sports injury healing. Runner’s knee, tennis elbow, ACL tears and ankle injuries can be some of the toughest to heal. Chiropractic adjustments, strengthening exercises, soft tissue treatments and related modalities are designed to get you back in the game and keep you there. We also use Knee on Trac therapy to help treat stubborn knee injuries.

Our chiropractic doctors and staff are dedicated to helping you heal faster from sports injuries. Their goal is to enhance your performance on the field, the court, the course – or simply in the backyard. Call us today for a complimentary consultation from our experts in the field of sports injury therapy.

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