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Does Regenerative Cell Therapy Work?

Regenerative cell therapy is a powerful and natural alternative to surgery and medications. By using the body’s own ability to heal from injury or disease, regenerative medicine has become a more viable solution for patients looking for effective and less invasive options.

Does Regenerative Cell Therapy Work? St. Petersburg, FL

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Our bodies have their own repair kit known as stem cells. These cells help the healing process when an injury occurs to tissues, muscles and organs. As we get older, so do these cells, which makes it harder for them to respond as quickly or effectively to damaged areas. Regenerative cell therapies help disperse the cells to where they are needed to repair a specific area.

Regenerative treatments utilizing mesenchymal cells, which are high in growth factors, stem cells, proteins and peptides, encourage the body's own natural healing capabilities. The cells our doctors use for this process are commonly obtained from umbilical allografts. The procedure in which the cells are harvested poses no harm to mother or child and are collected from only the most reputable tissue banks.

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is another source for regenerative medicine. This procedure is minimally invasive and only requires a small blood sample from the patient. Once the sample is collected, it is spun through a centrifuge and separated. The plasma containing the concentrated platelets is then injected into the damaged or injured area. This means that the cells and platelets the body naturally produces to heal the body are moved to the injured site faster. This allows the healing process to take place sooner.

Natural Pain Relief

Does Regenerative Cell Therapy Work? St. Petersburg, FL

When you are used to living an active, healthy lifestyle, the last thing you want to imagine is having to be on pain medications for long periods of time or even for the rest of your life just to get through the day. Prescription pain medications typically just mask the symptoms of an injury, disease or degeneration and come with many side effects as well as being potentially addictive. With the help of regenerative cell therapies, your pain can be relieved effectively and naturally without the use of medication or invasive surgery.

When regenerative therapies are used to actually heal and restore the body, the pain is typically resolved in the process. When you are experiencing pain, it is often a response to a bigger underlying issue. If the core issue is resolved, it only makes sense that the pain as a response will be resolved as well.

If you are, or have been, suffering from chronic pain and are searching for a natural pain relief option, regenerative cell therapy may be the right path for you. Regenerative cell therapies not only use the latest in regenerative technology to heal injuries; they have been proven to offer patients effective, fast and long-lasting results with minimally invasive procedures.

Surgery or medication is not an inevitable fate when you experience pain due to an injury or disease; regenerative medicine can get you back on the road to leading a pain free life using your body's natural ability to heal itself.

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