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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Drivers may face a number of challenges on the road. Unfortunately, car accidents are common, and many drivers are injured on a regular basis. Knowing the causes of car accidents and what can be done to prevent those car accidents can help you stay safe while on the road. Our St Petersburg chiropractor, Dr. Colby Staubs, wants everyone to be aware of several things.

  1. Rain and weather-related driving conditions. Rain and wind can cause poor visibility, slippery roads and other hazards that can lead to many accidents in a single storm. Drivers who must face rainy weather conditions can protect themselves by reducing their speed and increasing their following distance. If possible, put off trips in the car until the worst of the storm has passed.
  2. Distracted driving. Distracted driving is becoming a normal problem on the roads, especially with the rise in popularity of text messages and smart phones. The best way to avoid problems with distracted driving is to put away the cell phone and, if possible, drive with the phone on "airplane mode," to prevent the phone from receiving text messages and phone calls.
  3. Speeding. One of the best ways to avoid speeding-related car accidents is to leave extra time when trying to go to appointments. Having extra time makes it easier to slow down while driving.
  4. Driving while under the influence. Driving under the influence is a problem that can be easily avoided. Going to parties and restaurants with a designated driver can help ensure a safe ride home after a fun night out.

Contact Your Injury Chiropractor in St Petersburg FL

As your St Petersburg FL chiropractor, Dr. Staubs can help you with your car accident rehabilitation and recovery. As a car accident chiropractor, we utilize spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises, and other safe, gentle techniques to help you feel your best after an accident occurs. If you've recently been involved in a car accident, get help today.

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