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Cellular Therapy for Hips

Hip pain can be scary, causing you to fear the worst-case scenario for treatment options. As you get older, you will likely know people who have already had to face undergoing hip replacement surgery and seen just how long and painful the recovery process can be. Don’t worry, this is not your only option if you are experiencing hip pain yourself. There are natural alternatives that can help you avoid invasive surgery with lengthy downtime. Through advances in technology, regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies offer many options for relieving your hip pain quickly and effectively.

When there is a significant injury to the hip, it requires a considerable treatment plan. Mesenchymal stem cells can offer the most effective pain relief and regeneration of the injured area. These cells are younger, healthier cells derived from Wharton’s jelly, and contain the highest concentration of growth factors. These growth factors promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. PRP or (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections are another option. With PRP, your own blood is used to heal the injury. This process is done by taking a small blood sample and separating the platelets from the rest of the sample. The platelets are then re-injected into the hip, encouraging your body’s natural ability to heal the area. These procedures offer an alternative and highly efficient solution to hip replacement surgery.

Causes of Hip Pain:

Hip pain is not only associated with aging; there are many other causes of hip pain, such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Tendinopathy

Hip Joint Pain Relief:

Causes of Hip Pain St Petersburg FlOur hips endure a lot of wear and tear throughout our lifetime. They carry the entire weight of our body. As we age, the muscles and tendons get worn down, and so do the joints and cartilage. Because our hips are designed to be strong and withstand a great deal of strain, we don’t always realize the effects on the joint by doing everyday activities. The way we stand, walk, and sit has a great impact on the hip joints and can cause aches and pains in the hips. When addressed early, stem cell and PRP injections can drastically reduce the damage and prevent further injury or pain.

Hip Pain Treatments:

Regenerative-medicine is an option for those looking for hip pain relief without the need for invasive surgery or pain masking drugs. Our bodies have an incredibly unique ability to heal themselves with the use of stem cells. As we age, so do our cells, making them less effective in aiding in the healing process. This is where mesenchymal cells can prove invaluable. Because these cells are younger cells, they can speed up the process of healing tissue, muscle, and cartilage at a faster rate than the aged cells.

Whatever the cause of your hip pain, regenerative therapies, and treatments offer a natural alternative to hip replacement surgery. Contact our office today to learn more.

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