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    If you need a pain management, workplace injury or car accident chiropractor who really understands what you're going through, meet chiropractor, Dr. Colby Staubs, D.C.

    The mission of our doctors is to serve the people of our community to reduce pain and to restore function of the body to improve all patients' health and quality of life, with safe, highly effective non-surgical treatments.

    There’s no reason to live in pain. Contact us at (727) 519-3757 today and get back on the road to a better you!

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    • Carrie Benesh

      "They have helped me so much! Everyone is professional and friendly. Thank you so much for helping me get better."

    • Avery Massey

      "I love the staff here! Dr Staubs has made more progress on my neck than any chiropractor ever has. The care plan he put together has been manageable with measured improvement. I highly recommend him to everyone."

    • Nikki Simmons

      "Every one is so pleasant and truly cares about treating you on your level of comfort. Highly recommended..God Bless you all!!"

    Chiropractor St Petersburg

    Car Accident Injuries

    Car Accident Injuries

    Here at Suncoast Integrative Healthcare, we specialize in treating car accident injuries. If you are fortunate enough to walk away from an auto accident, you may find that you are experiencing lingering effects from the accident. You may also find some unexpected physical functions have been hindered in some way. Car accidents can cause damage that may take some time to show up, such as pinched nerves, strained or pulled muscles, or dislocated joints.

    If you are just beginning to exhibit signs of some of these, or are just concerned about the after effects of a car accident and are searching for natural treatments without surgery or medications, we can help! Our chiropractic clinic offers a variety of treatment options to get you out of pain.

    Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic care offers a safe and gentle treatment option by manipulating and correcting alignment in the musculoskeletal system especially, the spine or joints which may have been misaligned due to an accident, sports-related injury, or chronic degeneration. Our chiropractor uses adjustments to help restore joint function and support the nervous system to regain and maintain overall health and wellness while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery.

    If you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, disc problems, headaches/migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome or any number of issues, call us and schedule your initial visit with our chiropractor in St Petersburg today! We want to help get you back on the road to the healthy, active lifestyle you desire to have, and help you reclaim your quality of life.

    Regenerative Medicine St Pete

    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative medicine involves the restoration of the body's natural function through the replacement, engineering, or re-engineering of human cells, tissues, or organs. With a distinguished reputation in the field of regenerative medicine, our healthcare clinic proudly presents two highly advanced pain relief treatments: Human Cellular Tissue and Platelet-Rich Plasma.

    These advanced therapies hold the capability to stimulate the regeneration of cartilage, tissues, and cells, providing long term relief from chronic conditions such as knee pain, joint discomfort, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and even tendon and ligament injuries.

    The regenerative medicine we provide are completely safe, minimally invasive, and involve little to no recovery time with zero adverse reactions. If you're dealing with persistent pain or a degenerative condition and have tried other treatments without success, contact us at (727) 519-3757 to schedule a free consultation with the doctor to find out if you might be an eligible candidate.

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