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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain with St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab in St. Petersburg, FL

Are you experiencing shoulder pain? You may think that your only option to address it is to take pain medication, but this will only mask the pain - not fix it. If you truly want your shoulder pain to be relieved or eliminated, you should visit St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab. Dr. Staubs will locate the cause of your shoulder pain and develop a chiropractic plan to make sure that it gets completely eliminated. 

Man With Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

You use your shoulders all the time. Because of this, it's easy to develop shoulder pain at any time and at any place. You may injure your shoulder by typing for long periods without an ergonomic keyboard and chair. In other cases, you may develop shoulder pain from getting injured while exercising or playing sports. Whatever the cause of your shoulder pain is, Dr. Staubs at St. Petersburg Chiropractic can take care of it. 

When your shoulder hurts, it's usually due to one of these types of injuries:

  • Rotator Cuff Injury. This type of injury often develops in people who play sports such as baseball or tennis, or in people who do certain kinds of work such as painting or construction. Rotator cuff injuries occur when the muscles and tendons that hold your arm in your shoulder socket get damaged from overuse.
  • Dislocated Shoulder. Dislocating your shoulder means that your arm bone has slipped out of your shoulder socket, and it is an injury that occurs due to impact or twisting. It's a common injury for sports players.
  • Strains and Sprains.  These types of injuries often occur due to overuse or overextension of your arm.
  • Tendinitis. When the tendons around your shoulder get inflamed or irritated, you develop tendinitis. This injury often occurs in conjunction with a rotator cuff injury. 
  • Shoulder Bursitis.  Overuse of your arm can cause the fluid-filled sacs (bursae) in your shoulder joints to burst. This leads to swelling and pain in your shoulder.
  • Frozen Shoulder.  When the connective tissues of your shoulder tighten, it causes a condition called frozen shoulder, which makes it very difficult to move your arm. 

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care is often the best method for relieving or eliminating shoulder pain. Adjustments, physical therapy, and corrective exercises are just a few of the ways that Dr. Staubs may use to correct your shoulder pain. He will evaluate your lifestyle and your injury to determine the most likely cause for the pain, and then he'll develop a treatment plan to take this pain away.

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