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Auto Accident Injury Care at St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab

You might think yourself lucky if you are able to walk away from an auto accident -- but you might not be walking very well for a long time, or you might not have the same luck with other physical functions. An auto accident injury can produce pinched nerves, dislocated joints, strained muscles and other forms of damage. If you're worried about the lingering effects of your vehicular mishap, you need to look into the natural treatment methods offered at St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab.

auto accident injury care at st. petersburg

The Debilitating Effects of Auto Accident Injuries

Contrary to popular belief, an auto accident injury doesn't need to stem from a high-speed collision. Even a low-speed impact can transfer a lot of force to occupants' bodies. This is never more obvious than in whiplash, a much-dreaded syndrome caused when the weight of the head sends it "whipping" backward and forward with enough force to do serious damage to the neck. This action forces cervical vertebrae out of position and strains the neck muscles while also allowing herniated discs to pinch cervical nerve roots. Unfortunately, this can also cause neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain, headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision and tingling in the arms or hands.

Any part of the musculoskeletal system can sustain damage in an auto accident injury. For example, if your unsecured shoulder flies forward, your spine may twist painfully to cause vertebral subluxation and soft tissue damage in your back. If your lower back sustains an impact, the lumbar discs may herniate onto the sciatic nerve, producing sciatica symptoms in your back, legs, and feet. 

Treatments From Your Local Car Accident Chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Colby Staubs, our car accident chiropractor in St. Petersburg FL, addresses your auto accident injury in three primary stages:

  1. In the inflammation stage, our St. Petersburg FL chiropractor will relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation as quickly and effectively as possible -- not through drugs, but through natural therapeutic techniques such an interferential current therapy (which uses electricity) and ultrasound therapy (with uses sound waves).
  2. The all-important repair stage revolves around chiropractic adjustment, which restores normal joint position and range of motion. Our St. Petersburg FL chiropractor may also prescribe a form of intermittent traction called spinal decompression therapy to address herniated or dislocated discs. By using negative pressure to pull the discs back into position, we can relieve the nerve impingement that causes so many neurological symptoms.
  3. The final stage, the remodel stage, focuses on restoring full strength and mobility to injured tissues. Corrective exercises and other forms of physical therapy can be highly useful in helping you feel like yourself again.

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