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When you visit St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab, you will always receive one-on-one care and attention to each one of your needs. Our skilled staff is here to answer your questions and help you find the pain relief you need. If you are suffering from pain from an auto accident, trauma incident, or just chronic pain, we can help you. TMJ treatment is one of the services we offer. If you are suffering from this condition, contact our team first.

What Is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint syndrome, often called TMJ, is a condition in which there is pain in the jaw joint. This pain can occur for many reasons, often in the area where the lower jaw connects to the skull. This is located just in front of your ear. It may be caused by a variety of factors including misalignment of teeth, misalignment of the jaw, arthritis, stress, and injury to the teeth or jaw. In our practice, the most common cause of TMJ is related to an auto accident.

How Can TMJ Occur During a Car Accident?

This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, if you are not wearing a seatbelt, your head or jaw can hit the dashboard, causing damage to this area. Your jaw may hit the steering wheel as well. It's also quite common for people to bite down hard if they see an accident coming. When you are biting down like this and your head moves back and forth rapidly, this causes significant damage to this area. It is common for this condition to be associated with whiplash as a result.

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What Are the Symptoms of TMJ?

The most common symptom individuals have is a pain in the jaw joint area. You may experience a locking up of the jaw as well. A clicking can also occur when opening and closing the jaw. This is not likely to improve on its own.

What Are Treatment Options for TMJ?

Our goal is to properly align the jaw joint again. This misalignment can sometimes be improved using ultrasound technology. Through a pulsed ultrasound that works through the administrating of waves. These waves help to improve the amount of fluid buildup here. This helps reduce the inflammation that is typically causing the pain you feel.

In addition to this, we use chiropractic manipulation, or gentle force applied to the jaw joint area, to properly align the joint. This method helps to properly align the movement of the jaw to eliminate the painful movements and clicking or locking. These are holistic treatments, not invasive surgeries. And, they can provide a long-lasting solution to the pain you feel with TMJ.

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